Thursday, May 13, 2010

My mom bought me this Liplicious lip color product recently in pine apple flavor. They have a whole array of flavors (she has raspberry, which by the way, smells heavenly). The pine apple scented one definitely smells good but contrary to my dear mother's belief, I do not believe it's a moisturizing lip gloss. It's just your standard lip color but it's really light so it makes your lips shiny without giving you a full-on glare, which I appreciate it. Less is more.

This product is only available at Bath and Body Works which is my favorite, favorite FAVORITE bath store. They have all kinds of wonderful things but I'll stick to reviewing the lip color for now. Liplicious is sparkly and smells sweet; its sheer and soft and shimmery looking. It's not my favorite product out there - when I wear makeup, I use Clinique or regular Chapstick lol - but it's decently priced so I can afford it. I believe the whole 47fl oz. tube was just under $4.00 and the best part is that it clearly states it was not tested on cute little animals, thank goodness. I am trying to buy more products that are not tested on adorable little bunny rabbits so if you have suggestions, please comment!

If I had to give Liplicious a rating on look and feel and taste, I would give it 3.5 out of 5!

Post by Daphne

Thanks to Viki for being patient in waiting for this review. I hope she and you all like it and you will all come back soon!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My favorite Lipglosses

My Top 5:

1: NYX – Goddess of The Night Lipgloss. I have only got one , but so far I really like the feel of the lipgloss, it’s not too bright, but still pretty.

2. Lipsmackers _ I remember using these when I was a little girl, I still really like them because of the flavours that you can get. I use these mostly for my everyday use.

3. Elf - I just started to use this recently. I like that they are in a small package so they are easy to put in your purse. I like that they are not too sticky and the color look really nice on me. It doesn’t really have I look forward to buying more of these in the future.

4 – Covergirl Double Lipshine - I love these because it is like having lipstick and lipgloss in one. I like the idea of being the lip color on and then the gloss, so you can put on as little as much as you want.

My Top Bath Products:

• Body Wash - I love body wash, I especially love the fruity type smell. I tend to get too many body washes, so I have like a supply for months.

• Body Butters - I don’t really use lotions, but I use Body Butters every day, I think I have about 30 body butters. I mostly get them from The Body Shop.

Bath Bombs - This is another thing that I love to get and I have many many of them. My favorite place to get them is from Lush. I will do a review of my favorite Bath Bombs another post soon.

Bath Melts - This is another product that I just love. This is another product that
I get from Lush. If you haven’t figure out by now, Lush is one of my favorite stores. I normally one bar of it can use like 3 times, I cut into pieces.

This is just a few things that I like. We will start to review some stuff soon.

Reviews to come
Lush bath bombs and bath melts